The Marguerite Moffett Audubon Sanctuary

The Marguerite Moffett Audubon Sanctuary consists of 108 acres of marsh and open water on the west side of Hwy. LA 56 near Chauvin, Louisiana, in Terrebonne Parish. Public access features at this site include a boardwalk over 700 feet long, a marsh overlook-observation platform, and a small parking area. These public trail features were completed in January of 2010. Our partners at this Sanctuary include the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP), Terrebonne Parish, Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Louisiana Recreational Trails Program, Gulf Coast Bird Observatory and the Terrebonne Bird Club. We are especially indebted to Richard DeMay of BTNEP for devoting much time and energy to the boardwalk trail.

Sixty percent of Louisiana’s wetland loss occurs in the Barataria–Terrebonne Basin. Louisiana is losing 25 to 35 square miles of wetlands per year, with the highest rates occurring in the Barataria–Terrebonne basin at 10 to 11 square miles per year.

The intermediate to brackish marsh at the Sanctuary provides important nesting habitat for Clapper Rail, Seaside Sparrow, Least Bittern and Marsh Wren, and thus, this restoration project will be of particular benefit to these species. The Marguerite Moffett Audubon Sanctuary is part of the Barataria-Terrebonne Important Bird Area. Currently under technical review, this Important Bird Area is important at either a global or continental level to at least 12 species of birds (Driscoll 2009). In January of 2010 we erected two nest platforms in hopes of attracting either Osprey or Bald Eagle. This Sanctuary is one of the featured destinations of the America’s Wetland Birding Trail that spans the entire Louisiana coast from Texas to Mississippi.

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The Marguerite Moffett Audubon Sanctuary was Orleans Audubon’s second sanctuary, created on December 31, 2001, with a generous land donation from Dr. Marcel J. Remson and Mrs. Billie Cole Remson. The Sanctuary was expanded in August of 2003 with an additional donation of land by the Remsons. It is named to honor the memory of Dr. Remson’s aunt.

The MMAS is located in Terrebonne Parish, south of Chauvin, on the west side of Hwy. 56. The parking lot is 0.6 miles south of the Robinson Canal on Hwy. 56 and 1.1 mile north of the junction of Highways 56 and 57. The coordinates for the parking area in decimal degrees are:
29.32355 N, -90.64500 W

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